You Must Meet the Residency Requirements

  • To file for divorce in Georgia you must have been a resident of Georgia for at least six months.  You may be required to present proof such as your Georgia drivers license, voter registration, utility bills, lease agreement, etc.
  • If you live in another state, you can still file for divorce if your soon to be ex-spouse has been a resident of Georgia for at least six months.
  • You can file for a divorce in Georgia if you have lived on a army military post in Georgia for at least one year. In that case, you would file for a divorce in a county adjacent to the base.

Where to file your divorce action

You file your petition for a Georgia divorce in the Superior Court of county where your spouse, called the Defendant, lives. You may file in your county of residence if your spouse has moved out of the state or if your spouse consents to the jurisdiction of the court in your county.

Do I Really Need a Divorce Lawyer

You always have the right to represent yourself in court. However, you will be held by the judge to the same level of knowledge and competency as if you were a divorce attorney. The order will be final and something that you have to live with forever. While there are areas of a Georgia divorce decree that can be modified, it can be time consuming and expensive to do so. For example, your child is 15 and you want to change the child custody arrangement. If the other parent contests the change, the court case could drag out until the child is 18. You want to be sure to get it right to start with and you should at least consult with a Georgia divorce lawyer.

However, if this is a short term marriage with no children; there are no contested issues and the other party is willing to sign, then you may be able to handle the paperwork on your own by filing for a no fault divorce. There are two Georgia divorce petitions, one where there are no children and one where there are children

Filing For Divorce Without Children

Filing For Divorce With Minor Children

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